Music has always played a pivotal role in Babette Labeij’s life. Music, especially singing supported her after the sudden loss of her mother at the age of fourteen. Not only did music console her grief, but it also became her motivation for getting the best out of her life. The combination of this motivation, an invincible determination and her experiences with singing helped Babette to become the number one vocal coach in the Dutch music industry.

Her career seemed to explode in an instant: two music academies in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, her own music label, Superba Music, and of course her prominent role as a vocal coach for The Voice of Holland, The Voice Kids and La Voz Kids in Latin America. However, in truth, things did not come so easily. Just like every other person, there were and still are bumps in Babette’s road to success. Throughout the unpredictable and often chaotic rollercoaster of life, Babette never lost sight of her true passion for music and singing.

Labeij decided to write down her personal story as well as her experience as an entrepreneur and combine it into her first autobiography, “ZING!”, with the aim of inspiring people to dream, to dare, and to do. “ZING!”, published in October of 2018, will now have a fantastic follow-up in 2020 as Babette has collaborated with the Speakers Academy. This unique opportunity allows her to share her story throughout The Netherlands and fulfill her dream inspiring and motivate people to get the best out of themselves and/or a team with her main message: anyone can sing!

“Singing connects, gives energy and joy. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you have experienced in life. Anyone can sing! Anytime, anywhere.” — Babette Labeij

You can find more information about Babette on the website of Speakers Academy and Talent Talks.

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