For over a decade, I’ve worked for the biggest TV shows in various capacities – as a vocal coach, a judge and a creative consultant. The shows include Dutch Idol, X-Factor, Disney’s Camp Rock and High School Musical, Fox Kids Jetix, The Voice of Holland, The Voice Kids, The Next Boy/Girl band and the Latin-American version La Voz Kids. Getting the best result out of contestants in very short periods of time has taught me how to perfect my coaching method to get the most out of my students quickly.

My numerous business trips for The Voice Kids and ‘La Voz Kids’ gave me one profound insight: music is a universal language that binds all people. That is why I want to create ideas and projects that connect people from different continents. I also think it is of great importance for every child to be in touch with music. Because of this I developed The Voice of Holland workshop as a basis for musical education. Musical education can stimulate and boost the confidence of younger children. My method, vision and proposition is being implemented in schools in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, as well as Los Angeles.

2021 | ZENO