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This fall brings the debut of one of Babette’s most daring projects yet. Writing a book was one of Babette’s dreams from a very young age. Her book deal with Nijgh & Van Ditmar, one of the most prestigious Dutch publishing companies, has pushed Babette to dare to tell her inspiring story. With this, Babette has done it; ‘ZING!’, her self-written memoir and singing method book comes out October 16th, 2018. Read about Babette’s unique background story, a little girl with ambitious dreams growing up in Amsterdam during the 80s, as well as her successes and struggles of working in the music industry as she grows up to be one of the most successful vocal coaches. If anything, learn about Labeij’s authentic singing method that has brought her stature and eminence.ORDER BABETTE'S BOOK 'ZING!' HERE

Babette has also officially opened the second location of her Babette Labeij Music Academy! Now the BLMA not only has a location in the heart of Amsterdam but also in the stunning Groot Handels Gebouw in Rotterdam. With nonstop growth of the BLMA Amsterdam, Babette decided to go even bigger and better by opening this second location. Now the Babette Labeij Music Academy is more accessible to people from all over the Netherlands. Are you interested in singing at the BLMA Rotterdam or Amsterdam? Go to and sign up for a try-out lesson!

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