Most of us can recognize potential, opportunity, or talent, but only a few can actually take this and create the best version out of something. With this gift, Babette believes it’s her duty to inspire others to dream, to dare, to do.

Babette preaches overcoming your fears and diving into your passion. Her highly effective method for singing has brought her eminence and recognition as a vocal expert, talent judge, and creative consultant, specifically for international TV competitions such as Idol, X-Factor, and most notably The Voice, The Voice Kids and the Latin-American version La Voz Kids. She applies her unconventional no-nonsense approach to all her endeavors, which has certainly paid off.

Outside of television, Labeij has the highly successful Babette Labeij Music Academy in the heart of Amsterdam, and also in the heart of Rotterdam and at the famous Wisseloord Studio's in Hilversum. These nationally-recognized artistic institutions strive to educate amateur and professional singers as well as musicians. After relocating and working in Los Angeles, Babette also launched Superba Music, a recordlabel, management, and production company.

Traveling between Europe and the United States for 8 years has given Babette unique insight on the fact that music is a universal language which connects everyone. Her experience in Los Angeles has inspired her to create ideas and projects that can connect talent across all continents.

Babette’s experiences of living in Los Angeles as well as Amsterdam have inspired her to bring her ideas to life through new projects. This has resulted in her recent project: her book, “SING!”, an autobiography and memoir including her best singing tips. She is starting her collaborations with the Speakers Academy and Talent Talks with whom she will be traveling across the Netherlands to spread her story and inspire more people to become encouraged to sing and pursue your dreams.

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Motivational Speaker

Labeij decided to write down her personal story as well as her experience as an entrepreneur and combine it into her first autobiography, “ZING!”, with the aim of inspiring people to dream, to dare, and to do. “ZING!”, published in October of 2018, will now have a fantastic follow-up in 2020 as Babette has collaborated with the Speakers Academy and TalentTalks. This unique opportunity allows her to share her story throughout The Netherlands and fulfill her dream inspiring and motivate people to get the best out of themselves and/or a team with her main message: anyone can sing!

“Singing connects, gives energy and joy. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you have experienced in life. Anyone can sing! Anytime, anywhere.” — Babette Labeij


For over a decade, I’ve worked for the biggest TV shows in various capacities – as a vocal coach, a judge and a creative consultant. The shows include Dutch Idol, X-Factor, Disney’s Camp Rock and High School Musical, Fox Kids Jetix, The Voice of Holland, The Voice Kids, The Next Boy/Girl band and the Latin-American version La Voz Kids. 

Music Academy

My work as a voice coach took flight. I started working for various TV shows and made regular TV appearances. My school grew into a vocal institution with over 600 students between the age of 4 and 80. The basics, however, remained the same – getting the best out of people in a short amount of time, using my signature no nonsense way.



'I consider myself a realistic dreamer. No mountain will be too high but do I really want to climb it? Do I feel in my body that I will reach that top? And that it's gonna be rewarding? That's the question I always ask myself at the start of new adventures. And if my gut tells me that it will be worth the effort, I'll take that leap of faith and there will always be something good at the end of that climb or a big jump. I just do it!' 

Babette preaches overcoming your fears and to chase your dreams.


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Caro Emerald

Platinum Record Artist

“My time as a singing teacher at the Babette Labeij Music Academy was very special. Not only because by teaching, but especially because Babette is an ambitious and inspiring woman who is able to motivatie everyone around her. Through her and het Academy, I was able to build a base for my career and Babette still remains a dear friend to me.”


Winner Dutch idol

“If there’s one place in the Netherlands where one can not only freely scream, but also where one is taught in the absolute best way, it would have to be with Babette. It’s grand and thrilling, and I like that.” 

Ivy Levan

Recording Artist

“Not only has Babette enhanced my vocal performance, she has also changed the wat I approach sining entirely. If it wasn’t for her, I’d be concentrating on how out of breath I am instead of concentrating on giving my performance 100%. I can’t thank her enough for helping me feel supported al allowing me to explore my voice.”

Babette's book ZING!

'Music is the best psychiatrist I ever had. Music consoles, touches, teaches and has given me hope in my darkest moments. Music helped and still helps me to convert sadness and anger into strength and positive thinking. But also in those special moments, music can add that extra little something. That one song playing at the right moment at that pretty boring party, the song that you play on a Sunday morning to ease into a relaxing day, that one song that you sing when your child can’t fall asleep, the pleasant summer notes of a band that plays while you sit on a terrace at the beach watching the sun set. Music is my guide through life, my constant factor, my pillar and my motivator.

Do you want to learn more about Babette Labeij’s story, her passion for music and hands-on singing method? Order her book now! (Dutch version)

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