Singer, singing coach, musical director and entrepreneur

I never actually sat still and have always undertaken new adventures. Singing and music were and will always be my biggest motivation behind any business adventure that I took. I'm always making new plans and have dozens of notebooks in which I write these down. I always start working on such ideas right away. I will overcome the obstacles when I’m facing them. I think it is precisely because I directly take action and don't overthink everything that I succeed. And if my idea doesn't work out, I’ll think of something else. I have an enormous urge to constantly innovate and develop. I love to work hard and always completely submerge myself in whatever project I truly believe in. Sometimes you fall flat on your face, but then you get back up... and of course, you keep singing.


Babette considers it her mission to encourage others to dream, to dare and to do! In her book self-authorized book, ZING!, Babette drags you into her history and world of music and singing, with ultimately one simple goal: to get you to sing.


At the Babette Labeij Music Academy you will sing a diverse collection of pop songs while being taught by the best singing coaches on how to deliver a performance in a short amount of time. 


I have a passion for leadership and organizing. I love to connect my experience and knowledge  in helping an individual or a team create the best out of something. 

Babette is a singer and entrepreneur par excellence and loves to share how she utilizes her creativity as a businesswoman. With both feet firmly on the ground in an (arguably) tough business sector and her heart in the creative music industry, Babette knows both of these environments like no other. Using her unique experience and position, Babette explains how she deals with these two environments and how she finds opportunities rather than obstacles in their differences.

Babette's business workshops can be customized based on the ambitions, questions and struggles of your team or company. Babette coaches your team in a playful manner to improve their presentation skills, to have more confidence during pitches or meetings, to strengthen cooperation, or to install a creative dynamic within a team - and of course always through a musical twist!



Babette has been the singing coach in the Netherlands for many years. Over the years she has worked with well-known artists and talent in the Netherlands as well as on almost all Dutch singing and musical programs - alone or with her team of passionate singing coaches. Getting the most optimal result in a short amount of time is one of the musts when it comes to TV production. Babette Labeij and her team train tense candidates to give their best performance in a relaxed, comfortable, and fun way under time pressure.

She also has enjoyed the role of musical director for programs such as the Dutch adaption of NBC’s That's My Jam. Together with her team, she arranges, produces and steers programs not only vocally but also altogether musically. The list of Dutch programs Babette and her team has worked on is close to endless because their work always results in the best both vocally and musically! Babette is of course always present as a singing coach, but she also is able to develop creative (musical) concepts and to arrange as well as cast for productions. In Miami she has worked on the Latin American version of The Voice Kids: La Voz Kids.

"One of the reasons I enjoy working on TV shows so much is the fact that I am able to use all my passions at the same time: singing, music and leading a production team."

2021 | ZENO